We recently used Vikas as our realtor for both the sale of our house & the purchase of our new house (both located in the Steveston area) and we couldn’t be happier! Today's real estate market can be a scary place to navigate. However with Vikas on our side we knew we were in good hands. Firstly, Vikas's knowledge of the current market and direction its trending is extremely impressive. He does his homework and it shows. Secondly, Vikas's professionalism and loyalty to us, as his clients, were more than we expected and could have ever asked for. Vikas put our best interests far above his own, which is a rare trait in real estate. Vikas is dependable, punctual, and will stop at nothing until his clients are 110% satisfied. Well, we are 120% satisfied and it is largely because of Vikas Anand. With Vikas, we were able to achieve our goals (or as he would say, “you connected the dots”) and feel so very grateful that we had him on our side. Though we hired Vikas as our realtor, he’s forever a family friend. Warmly, Tarnow Family
~ The Tarnow Family

We first met Vikas through the Land Assembly project put together by our fellow neighbours, and it was honestly a pleasure to have Vikas as my Real Estate Agent, he never left any questions unanswered and often went out of his way to find a more definite and concise answer in a short amount of time. With the help and guidance that Vikas provided us, we were able to sell high and buy low as he did his work on analyzing and informed us the market price would decline shortly in the coming future and he also always reminded me that patience pays off. As an experienced and professional Realtor, he always gives his opinion on the pros and cons about location, size and shape of the house/lot, future value etc. and help us to choose a right property to suit our needs base on our family situation and demographics. Having Vikas to be our Real Estate Agent is one of the best choices that we have ever made. Vikas isn’t just a general real estate agent who goes only after the commission that he makes from his business. Instead, he focuses on doing a good job and ensuring that the clients requests are heard and listened to. Throughout all of the time that we’ve spent with him while selling/buying our home, he has 100% earned our respect and I would HIGHLY recommend him as your realtor if you want a professional and outstanding job done. Thank you, Tam Family
~ Tam Family

一位完全值得你信赖的专业经纪。 我们是通过邻居认识Vika。一开始我们对他的建议有点怀疑,但从卖房子到重新再买房子的整个过程中改变了我们对他的看法。 他是一位诚实的经纪。先讲我们卖房,我们所卖的房子的地域是属于土地并购型。在整个卖房的过程中,他把所有的资料对我们所有的卖房屋主公开化,具体为我们分析情况,把各业主的意向透明化。当然,决定权还是各位业主 。我所在的区域7间房子的 业主都根据各自的情况开心的把房子卖丢了。如果没有他的诚实分析,我们可能会错过卖房的最佳时机。 他是一位极具分析能力的经纪。我们把房子卖了以后,都着急地要去找一间房子。那时候是2018年,他给我们分析了楼市的走向,政府的政策以及经济各方面的因素,他叫我们耐心等待。他认为房产市场将会下滑,进入调整期,同时给我们提供了大量的数据资料。在他的指引下,现在我们找到了我们想要的房子。 他是一位有责任的经纪。在买卖房子的过程中,每个细节他都认真的跟进,及时更新状况。卖房时为我们争取利益。我们每看中了一间房子,他都预先给我们对这个房子做一个调查,给我们分析那房子的现有价值和以后的价值,还有这个房子会面临的问题。他不会因为我们喜欢这个房子,为达成交易,不加分析去出价。他会很负责任的给出他的建议。 在整个买卖房子的过程中,他用他们专业知识,用他的经验,用他的诚实,赢得了我们对他的赞赏。他是一位完全值得你信赖的专业经纪。 A professional realtor that you can trust completely. We got to know Vikas through our neighbours. At first, we were a little suspicious of his advice but the whole process from buy a house to selling it changed the way our view about him. He is an honest realtor. We sold our home as part of a land assembly and brought our new home with Vikas as our realtor. During the process of selling the house, he made all the information available to all the owners taking part in the land assembly, analyzed the situations for use and made the intentions of each owner transparent. Of course, the decision was up to the owners. We sold our house as others did as well, without his analysis we might have missed the best time to sell our house. He is a very analytic agent. After we sold our house, we were all anxious to find a house. At that time, in 2018, He gave us an analysis of the housing market, government policies and economic factors, recommending that we should be patient. Vikas thought the housing market will decline, entering an adjustment period and provided us with a lot of data. Under his guidance, we have now found the house we wanted. He is a responsible agent. In the process of selling the house, he carefully followed up in detail and kept us updated status of the interest of the market and meetings he had. He was selling our houses with our interest in mind. When we were buying a home, he surveyed our interested houses in advance and gave us analysis of the current value and future values of the house, as well as the problems the house will face. He’s not going to make an un-analytical recommendation just because we like the house. He will give his advice responsibly. Throughout the process of buying and selling the house, he won our admiration for his expertise and his honesty. He is a professional agent that you can trust completely and completely worthy of your trust.
~ The Lam Family

Please find enclosed our testimonial for your earnest services to us during all these years. These words fall short in your appreciation. Thanks a lot once again. We bought our 1st property (Beautiful Brand New Deluxe high end 2-level Townhouse with all the bells and whistles) in Richmond. When we were ready to sell and upgrade , We approached Vikas Anand after our listing expired, and were frustrated with the other Realtor who could not generate a single offer in the span of 1 YEAR and 2 MONTHS despite lots of showings through out the year. Anyhow, Vikas generated 2 offers and SOLD in mere 3 Months with our desired price. He also got us a Single Family Home in January 2016 within a month of selling our Townhouse. Then came Big Land Assembly in November 2017. Vikas did not leave any stone unturned and SOLD the Land Assembly in very tough Market. Not only that, rather we all got paid in 4 months with a mutual agreed price. His Slogan at the time of Listing in November 2017 was “ Sell High and Buy Low “ which seems to be true today after 1 year. This I now understand, as I got to know him better over the last 1 year due to his proven skills in Business analytics, market forecasting and to foresee where the Market is heading to. Vikas is one of the most organized person we have ever met. Trusted Advisor, Truly Professional, Honest, diligent, visionary, respectful, skilled in Marketing and Negotiations, effective communicator. Now he is helping us buy our dream Home. I never have any doubts about his ability. He brings lot of positive energy in the meetings. We highly recommend Vikas to all the Sellers and Buyers like us who wish to fulfill their dreams. Thanks a lot Vikas. Cheers. Mr. & Mrs. Batra
~ The Batra Family

We SOLD and Bought many Houses with Vikas over the Years. As we had a need to buy Commercial investment, we were surprised how good is his Knowledge in most of the Commercial investment opportunities especially in regards to Feasibility and viability of the Project. Finally we bought the investment and in 4 years this investment appreciated by 285% , he timed the Selling and Buying for us very well. Vikas is full of Knowledge and very Smart Man.
~ The Grewal Family

We bought our house in Richmond in 1977 and raised 2 wonderful daughters there . We decided , last year , that it was time to sell and move further out . We met Vikas through a land assembly agreement . He worked virtually day and night until he procured the price that we all felt good with . His work ethic and honesty are indeed second to none. We now reside in Coquitlam and enjoying the home we could afford, thanks to Vikas Anand. We would recommend him to anybody, The Dycks Family
~ The Dycks Family